2nd Official Rally Hack-a-Thon
October 3rd - 4th

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Rally Raleigh Office
1101 Haynes St. Suite 105
Raleigh, NC 27604
The Second Official Rally Hack-a-Thon will bring together a group of experienced Rally App developers to participate in technical training, provide feedback on Rally's platform, and pair with our valued customers in developing custom apps using Rally's new AppSDK 2.0 and Lookback API technology.

Hack-a-Thon Participants will:
  • Spend one day in interactive, technical training on the Rally App SDK
  • Pair with a Rally engineer to build a customized app
  • Demo their new apps and vote on the Best App
  • Have the chance to win the envy-inducing Hack-a-Thon trophy and the undying respect of their peers (or at the very least, bragging rights that you survived a Rally Hack-a-Thon.
Who should attend? Inspired developers seeking the opportunity to work on Rally's Platform and to take charge in customizing their Rally subscription. If you wish to learn about Rally's App SDK and to pair with a talented Rally engineer, the Hack-a-Thon is just your chance. Proficiency in JavaScript is a plus.

Fee: The $100 fee will cover all materials, meals, and snacks during the Hack-a-Thon

Why Attend?
  • Professional Development: Gain invaluable new program and app-development skills through detailed training sessions on Rally's App SDK and Lookback API.
  • Play a Role in Rally's Future: One of our most cherished core values here at Rally is known as CYOR (Create Your Own Reality). Is there some functionality you've been wishing to see in the Rally tool? Or simply in the world of apps? What better way to ensure that Rally continues to evolve in the right direction that to work with us in a focused, one-on-one environment?